Facts that prove frog’s venom can kill your dogs

Lurcher dog and Common Frog (Rana temporaria)


Dogs are fond of staying; they easily meet frogs within the yard. The secretions from some frog’s skin and eyes cause hallucinations in pets especially the dogs. Prompt treatment is required to avoid any pet fatalities. Ironically, the secretions have medicinal value for treatment of various ailments in humans.

Killing frogs using chemicals is not easy, the best way to get rid of them in the yard removing the eggs and collecting the frogs using a net and freeze them, after which you can finally dispose of them in the garbage.

Though you always give your pet a liquid canine glucosamine and garlic for strong immune system, dogs are highly vulnerable to frogs, they tend to enjoy the dog meals in protest the dogs bite them, creating contact between the bloodstream and secretions, which is poisonous. To keep your pet safe, remove any dog food leftovers outside overnight.

There are a specific frog species found in tropical lands, it is a colored amphibian and very attractive to pets.  A homeowner might be in a dilemma whether to get rid of the frogs since they also eat small insects, which might be a nuisance in the home.

The most poisonous frog for both dogs and humans is the dart frogs. It is yellow in color and very attractive. Scientists prove that a simple contact of the toxins to the blood is enough to kill at least 10 adults. Hunters use it to kill wild animals that cause a threat to their mission.

Pet safety

A pet owner should train the dogs not to kill them to reduce contact with the amphibians, which releases the toxic secretions. You can also clear any breeding grounds for frogs to make them migrate to much safer grounds.

However, the indigenous frog species of Florida are not poisonous to both dogs and humans. In case you are exposed to the frog’s secretions, wash your hands with a disinfectant to avoid transfer of the secretions while preparing a dog meal. First aid for frog poisoning is to run water in the dog’s mouth to dilute the secretions.

You could also spray your fence with silt, and raise it a few meters above the ground, this aims at reducing the loads from jumping through the fence and have access to your compound. Naturally, dogs are attracted to small animals; prevention from the interaction is unrealistic. The best way to avoid contact is to remove frogs from the yard and anything, which might attract them.

Frogs produce either poison or toxins; medically the terms have a big difference. Frog secretions with toxins mean they harm irrespective of the quality of the dosage while poisons can only harm when they come into contact with the body through various forms-breathing, injection and absorption.

Zoologists advocates for safe measures to maintain endangered frog species. They document, not all frogs are poisonous to dogs. You should have information on every type of frog and the effects on your dog. Prioritize pet safety by avoiding contact between the frog and the pet wherever possible. Note that, Chinese eat frogs.


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