How Digital Marketing Can Help Conserve Frogs

Just like healthcare digital marketing, you can use digital marketing to save frogs. Digital marketing comes in different forms. You can start a forum which discusses frogs and the need to conserve them. You can as well rely on social media platforms where you can run campaigns aimed at saving frogs. Frogs play different roles in the environment. If you have identified a certain type of frogs which are endangered, you can start a digital campaign which can help you save the frogs. Many people may be doing things which hurt the frog population but they are not aware. For example, environmental pollution can lead to polluting the waters where the frogs dwell. If you can let people know the needs to conserve the water sources, then you can play a great role in conserving the frogs. Some of the ways digital marketing efforts can be used to conserve the frog include the following:
Social media campaign
There are several social media platforms out there, in order to save frogs; you need to consider utilizing the power of social media. There are many people out there who use social media. You can start social fan pages from where you can interact with other people from where you can let them know the need to conserve the frogs. Apart from running the social media campaigns, you can as well run paid ads which can play a great role in helping you reach out to more people.

Raise Funds through digital campaigns
You can run fundraising online in social media and other cloud funding platforms from where you can gather the necessary funds which can be channeled towards conserving the frogs. Frogs can be affected by different factors. For example, they may be exposed to the risk of diseases among other dangers. If you can start a digital marketing campaign, then it will be easy to collect the necessary funds which you can later channel to the organization which aims at conserving the frogs. There are many people out there who would like to conserve the environment. They can contribute some form of money which you can then use to conserve the environment which in one way or another can lead to saving the frogs. Digital marketing can allow you to reach out to as many people as possible. You can use social media campaigns to reach out to any people which can lead to saving the frogs.

Social media helps in exposing those behind endangering the frogs
If there are some people involved in activities which are endangering the frogs, then you can easily report those people to the necessary authorities which can act and help you save the frogs. There are several activities which happen underground and you will like to let other people know about them and even raise red flags which can make other people act to save the environment. The social media campaigns can help you act responsibly to save the frogs. Digital marketing campaigns play a great role in helping you save the environment as well as conserving the frogs.

Grilled Frog legs -Exotic Food


moGrilled frog legs are an exotic meal common in international cuisines. It is a meal renowned for the low level of saturated fat and high cholesterol content. If the meal is frozen prior to grilling, you should drain all the water and set the temperature to moderate heat to avoid staining the grilling equipment.

The grilling equipment should be made from cast iron (Serious Smoked reviews:, which does not stick on the bites. You should turn the legs so that they are uniformly cooked. You could add spices for better results. Once the leg turns brown, that is an indicator of a well-cooked meal. Turn off the grilling equipment and serve when hot. Some of the ingredients, which can be added to grilled frog legs, include lemon, salt, basil leaves, mustard seed, butter, garlic, and margarine.


The taste of grilled frog legs depends on the type of spices and individual taste. Aluminum foil is required to cover it while turning it so that the heat is uniformly distributed. The marinade can be poured on the frog legs not only to add to taste but also to prevent it from burning before it is completely cooked. Dry it so that the marinade can completely drain.


It is a common meal among Singaporeans and funny enough they accompany it with porridge. They classify it under white meat just like chicken and fish. Being an amphibian, the meat is naturally salty during grilling you should use a little salt to prevent over-salting.  It is rich in sodium, thiamin, and other essential minerals.


Frog legs are low in calories but very rich in proteins. It is mostly common in the Chinese restaurants, although frog legs from China are considered smaller  compared to Thailand.

Grilling equipment

Frog meat is tender with a soft texture. When the grilling equipment is overheated, the meat will stick to the pan and burn leading to half-cooked food. There are wide range of electric smokers out there to choose from. Vegetable oil and butter come in handy to prevent it from sticking to the pan.


Freeze them for at least two hours before grilling, it helps to marinate and avoid sticking on the pan. You should arrange them in layers on the baking pans so that the heat is evenly distributed to all parts of the meat.

Generally, frog meal is a common meal in the Asian market. Some continents find it a weird meal due to culture and tradition. However, APAC regions consider its seafood with numerous nutritional benefits including vitamins and minerals, which help to build immunity of the consumers. There are much grilling equipments available in the market. You need to make a choice based on the size, budget and the purpose of the grill. Restaurants may opt for a larger grill to accommodate more meat compared to homeowners. The market has different types of grilling equipment depending on the source of energy. You could choose between, gas, charcoal, and electric grill. You can also enjoy the frog legs when they are a friend and roasted.

Effect of Flashlight to Frogs

Just like any amphibians, frogs have the best night vision but a poor vision during the day. Inasmuch as there is a lot of light during the day, when you happen to look for frogs within your homestead at night using a flashlight, it is simple to get them since they are mostly affected by a movement which is one of the detectors. A flashlight comes with different levels of lighting. The more the lighting the better vision for frogs. On the other hand, the less the lighting the poor the vision for the frog.


What makes a frog be sensitive to light?

This is a scientific principle which is better explained by the physiological design of their eyes. In fact, you will notice that as long as they come into contact with the light, it triggers them to jump ad in most cases to the direction of the light. This means that the light has an effect in enhancing the response level of the frog.

The direction of the flashlight is also a determining factor. If you happen to have a fluorescent light that shines down, it will have a lesser response effect to the frogs compared to when it directly goes to the direct eyes of the frog. Imagine, when your flashlight point towards the atmosphere, the frog may not even realize that there is the presence of light which it might need to respond to. This is due to the fact that the frogs can only detect light that is within some distance within the vicinity unlike when it is far.

Frogs are very sensitive and funny animals at the same time. All you need is for you to try and handle all manner of lighting to your advantage. At the same time, the idea of having a flashlight at home can also be a security measure. They will tend to move away from the light which has a damaging effect on the eyes. In that case, it keeps away their preys which in most cases are snakes which can cause havoc in your home.


Have you ever wondered why frogs just have to hatch in darkness? This is the reason why you will find a high number of frogs in dark areas compared to areas that may well-lit. When mounting a flashlight in your home, you can place it in a place where you know is a breeding place for frogs. It is a natural way of minimizing the number of frogs in your home. If you place it in the opposite direction, trust me, you will have yet another challenge of looking for other ways of keeping frogs away from your home.

The lighting system for frogs, in this case, have diverse effects. It all depends on the light intensity which in this case we refer to constant light, low light, and high light. As long as you have a deeper understanding of the effect, your work is now to just look at what you may want to achieve in terms of the behavior of the dogs to your advantage.

Frog Design Pool Vacuum


A frog design pool vacuum is one of the most useful tools that you can incorporate into your swimming pool experience. The fact of the matter is that swimming pools are generally used to, very obviously, swim in, and this means that they tend to get very dirty very quickly. This is especially true if you have a large family that uses the pool regularly, as these family members would usually end up dirtying up the pool.leaf-vacuum

The best way to avoid moss your pool is to use a frog design pool vacuum. These vacuums have been designed to provide suction to the surface of your pool, and through this section, any debris that might have entered your pool would get cleaned out. Debris can often land in pools without you realizing it, so the best thing to do in these situations is getting them cleaned out as soon as possible. Not doing so can result in your pool becoming highly unsanitary and difficult to use, and this is not something that you would want to subject your kids to.

One of the most important features with the frog design pool vacuum is the fact that it has such a unique aesthetic to it. This aesthetic is exactly what makes it so interesting. Your kids are certainly going to enjoy playing around with this, but bear in mind that this is not a toy! It is a tool that you are going to use to keep your pool as clean as possible, and this is why you should keep it away from children in certain cases because if you or your kids are not careful some injuries could occur. Nothing serious, of course, but still, it is better to be safe than sorry especially when it is something that concerns your children whom you would obviously want to protect as much as you possibly can.

When you use this product you are going to notice that the suction is also highly superior to other vacuums you might have used. This is not just dust buster that has been appropriated for the purpose of cleaning up a pool. Rather it is a vacuum that has been specifically created to suck up debris from the water. The waterproof design is perfect for situations where you would want to use this for a long clean up, as the water from the pool getting onto the device is not going to have any impact whatsoever on the product that you are using.

All in all, this is a strong and durable product that can last a very long time thanks to its sturdy design. Products like this are essential to the health of your family if you have a swimming pool. Pools are considered by many to be the ultimate luxury, they are a great way to relax and cool off in the summer days, but if you do not keep them clean then they can potentially become one of the biggest ways to get sick that you can imagine. This is what makes frog design pool vacuums so essential to anyone that owns a pool, it is the sort of product that ensures health and safety.

Tools Needed When Building Frogs Pond

A frog pond is one of the most effective conservation measures in a frog. It helps maintain the population and reduce the threat of extinction of endangered frog species. The tools required when building a pond varies from the pond size to the type of pond. A good quality brand can be found on A complete artificial pond needs more tools compared to a frog pond with a natural water source. Some of the tools required include:


You cannot construct a frog pond in the air. Space should be the first tool to construct the frog pond. It does not have to be a big space. Although a small pond accommodates a small number of frogs, space available will determine the size of the pond.

Garden Hose or Rope

A rope is necessary to measure the size of the pond and put a boundary as a guide while digging.


Use a rake to spread the sand in the entire pond. It is also used to level the bottom of the pond.

Screened Mason Sand

Sand is the best soil habitat for frogs since it allows aeration.

Water Source

Frogs live in water, you should have a water source which drains into the pond. If your home is located near a water source, build the pond where the water freely flows into the pond. Artificial ponds require a supply of water from the tap. In this case, you have to channel it to the pond using a hosepipe or through a water pump then direct it to the pond. The water should flow from the center of the pond to prevent the rubber from displacing itself from the walls of the pond.

Geotextile Pad

Geotextile pad acts as a cushion, it prevents water from underground infiltration. It also helps it from any tears because of contact when the frogs are in movement.

Laying Rubber

Rubber is also a waterproof tool and a surface for the stone to add grip. It also gives the frog the comfort like the natural habitat.

Water Pump

The pump is used in an artificial frog pond to channel water from the tanks to the frog pond. Most homeowners build the ponds in the backyard far from the main house. If it is a level ground (which is the case in most cases), a water pump will provide a force to pump it to the pond.

Rubber Liner

Rubber liner works in the same way as a laying rubber.


In as much, we are changing the environment for frogs. The natural habitat is the physical environment. The pond should have similar characteristics as the natural water resources. Stones are placed on the laying rubber to act as a breeding ground. Underneath the stones is a good environment for the production of algae, which is the main food for amphibians.

A frog pond is one easy project to construct. The frogs have numerous benefits to humans. Secure the pond with a strong fence to prevent predators as well as children from slipping inside; they can drown.

Conserve the frogs


Zoologists are raising an alarm to the public on the drastic disappearance of the amphibian population because of human activities. There is a massive public awareness on this menace to reduce the further damage that is causing a sharp decline in frog population. They use Email Automation to Promote their campaign about frogs conservation which they got a great discount on infusionsoft at’s infusionsoft comparison with other CRM. Numerous campaigns and donations are in place to help fund the project and safeguard this animal species.  Conservation of frogs is a collective effort and various stakeholders must agree for the success of the programs.  The yellow-colored frog is the most endangered species due to its medicinal value; used by a herbalist in the manufacturer of antibiotics. Some of the programs include

Avoid use of pesticides

Just like other animals, frogs live in the natural habitat. Spraying pesticides and herbicides are toxic to the frog population and they tend to suffocate the frogs once they inhale. In worst cases, when the pesticides come into contact with the frogs’ body they develop allergic reactions which further harm the frog and kill them. Prolonged use will render the frog population an extinct species.

Controlled frog trawling

The killing off frog for delicacies reduces the frog population. Frog conservationists call for controlled frog meat in hotels. This is a common meal in the Asian countries compared to other countries. The control helps to give time for hatching and breeding to maintain the status quo.

Purchase of live frogs from the natural habitat

Some homeowners love keeping live frogs in their hatcheries. When there is controlled the purchase of frog, it improves the population of the frogs. This also allows them to stay in their natural habitat to mate, lay eggs and improve reproduction. At home, there is controlled breeding and reproduction reducing their population in the natural habitat.

Do not keep predators

Snakes, rats, cats and dogs are frogs’ worst enemies. There is a warning to reduce rearing of the predators to maintain the population of the frogs through controlled killing by predators.

Build frog ponds

Just like fish, there is a campaign by “save the frogs” to build and keep frog ponds to help in their reproduction. This is one way to maintain specific frog species and increase the numbers; since at the pond, they are protected from predators and human activities that pose a threat to frog life.

Recycle toxic products

Toxic products like batteries find their way into the natural habitat after disposal. Frog conservatisms are advocating for the safe use of products with toxic substances especially after use. This has been extended to manufacturers to ensure they have a safety measure on disposal of products with toxic substances. One way is through recycling.

Frogs are amphibians that help complete the ecological balance in the ecosystem. Their non-existence will create a big gap in the food chain. It is evident there is a serious need to conserve them. The success of this conservation is a teamwork effort of all humanity in their small and big way. There are many more conservation measures but these are the main ones in the inception of the campaign since they have direct results within a short period.


Facts that prove frog’s venom can kill your dogs

Lurcher dog and Common Frog (Rana temporaria)


Dogs are fond of staying; they easily meet frogs within the yard. The secretions from some frog’s skin and eyes cause hallucinations in pets especially the dogs. Prompt treatment is required to avoid any pet fatalities. Ironically, the secretions have medicinal value for treatment of various ailments in humans.

Killing frogs using chemicals is not easy, the best way to get rid of them in the yard removing the eggs and collecting the frogs using a net and freeze them, after which you can finally dispose of them in the garbage.

Though you always give your pet a liquid canine glucosamine and garlic for strong immune system, dogs are highly vulnerable to frogs, they tend to enjoy the dog meals in protest the dogs bite them, creating contact between the bloodstream and secretions, which is poisonous. To keep your pet safe, remove any dog food leftovers outside overnight.

There are a specific frog species found in tropical lands, it is a colored amphibian and very attractive to pets.  A homeowner might be in a dilemma whether to get rid of the frogs since they also eat small insects, which might be a nuisance in the home.

The most poisonous frog for both dogs and humans is the dart frogs. It is yellow in color and very attractive. Scientists prove that a simple contact of the toxins to the blood is enough to kill at least 10 adults. Hunters use it to kill wild animals that cause a threat to their mission.

Pet safety

A pet owner should train the dogs not to kill them to reduce contact with the amphibians, which releases the toxic secretions. You can also clear any breeding grounds for frogs to make them migrate to much safer grounds.

However, the indigenous frog species of Florida are not poisonous to both dogs and humans. In case you are exposed to the frog’s secretions, wash your hands with a disinfectant to avoid transfer of the secretions while preparing a dog meal. First aid for frog poisoning is to run water in the dog’s mouth to dilute the secretions.

You could also spray your fence with silt, and raise it a few meters above the ground, this aims at reducing the loads from jumping through the fence and have access to your compound. Naturally, dogs are attracted to small animals; prevention from the interaction is unrealistic. The best way to avoid contact is to remove frogs from the yard and anything, which might attract them.

Frogs produce either poison or toxins; medically the terms have a big difference. Frog secretions with toxins mean they harm irrespective of the quality of the dosage while poisons can only harm when they come into contact with the body through various forms-breathing, injection and absorption.

Zoologists advocates for safe measures to maintain endangered frog species. They document, not all frogs are poisonous to dogs. You should have information on every type of frog and the effects on your dog. Prioritize pet safety by avoiding contact between the frog and the pet wherever possible. Note that, Chinese eat frogs.