Getting rid of frogs using coffee

Frogs are attractive in their natural habitat. They assist in the reduction of the insect population. However, they can be a nuisance when they are too much in the compound.  Their night sounds cause air pollution, which destroys the peace of your night rest. In addition, some of the frog species produce toxins and poison through their secretions from the mouth and the eyes on pets.

Getting rid of frogs proves an uphill task. There are many natural ways of alleviating amphibians from your compound especially when there are kids in the home. Some of the chemicals used may have detrimental effects on human health. “espresso beans” is one natural way of getting rid of frogs.

The caffeine content in coffee has an acidic effect, which drains water from the frogs leading to dehydration and later death.  Sprinkle coffee on your yard to repel frogs from the home. It also has the same effect on its eggs. After a short period, reproduction of frogs in your compound will be something of the past.

When using coffee to kill frogs ensure the compound does not have any stagnant water, which dilutes the coffee effects on the frog’s body. Caffeine speeds up contraction of the frog’s cell membrane, which further leads to tension and reduced metabolism. Prolonged exposure will lead to failure of most of its organs and finally, leads to death. You can either use coffee beans or brew it using an espresso machine, check reviews here:
Through osmosis, the cell membrane releases the water contenting lead to massive contraction of the cell membrane. This rapid contraction is a major cause of reduced inactivity due to loss of cell strength responsible for major body activities. This leaves the frog helpless, to seek refuge in a less concentrated environment. The rapid exchange of cell fluids and cell imbalance is fatal to the amphibian.The stimulant is rich in sodium and potassium; chemically these are elements with high reactivity series. When in contact with the frog’s body fluids there is an inbuilt explosive reaction and imbalance between the cell and the tissues leading to major system failure.

The major effect of the intercellular exchange is cardiovascular influence and hemorrhage. A frog heart is sensitive to any change in the cellular structure. The body system also lacks a hormone, which regulates any imbalance like humans. Because of this, once caffeine reached the heart cells, it stops functioning.

It also has an adverse effect on muscle tissues of frogs, it increases the intensity of muscle contraction on frogs, which finally leads to poor muscle control. These render them inactive, of which after some period they die a natural death due to hunger.

Coffee produces an odor which drives away the frogs, coffee is the most efficient and effective way of keeping away frogs within your home. The acidic effect of coffee on frog muscles and its nervous system naturally kills them. There are no specific pesticides of getting rid of frogs. Coffee creates an unfriendly and non-conducive environment; as a result, they flee from your compound. Once you breed pets, their safety is paramount.