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Updated 1/25/2006

The Frogs Themselves

The X. laevis frogs are large frog docile animal that are easy to hold once you get your technique down. They should be well coated in mucus, and very soft to the touch. If they shed excessively or the skin is rough, you probably have a sick frog and should treat accordingly.

The females are larger than the males, pear shaped and have a noticeable cloaca. The sexually mature males have black, sticky nuptial pads (less noticeable in the tropicalis) on their forearms, lacking in the females, that they use during amplexus, and lack the cloaca.

X. tropicalis are much smaller, darker and solid black to brown. They are much more difficult to hold and inject.


Adult female laevis and tropicallis

Above is pictured an adult female X. laevis on the left and an adult female X. tropicalis on the right.


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