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Updated 1/25/2006

Natural Mating

You can have a natural mating to raise tadpoles or if you are interested in expanding your colony. To do this you must inject both the male and the female. You should inject the male with 50 u hCG and inject the non-PMSG primed female with 750 u HCG. Put them in a 15  to 25 gallon tank together and allow them to remain together throughout the night. You should do this at the end of the day so the lab will be quiet throughout the night and the frogs are not disturbed.  If possible place egg crate at the bottom of the tank to keep the frogs away from the eggs.  This will prevent the eggs from being eaten before you separate the couple.

Amplexus in mating  (image from Nasco)


Separate the pair the following day and leave the eggs to develop.


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