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Updated 1/25/2006

Your Water

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your frogs, and ultimately your experiments, is provide them with a reliable source of water. We use a Reverse Osmosis system that removes all impurities.

Frogs cannot tolerate chlorine in their water. Above all else, you must provide them with water free of chlorine or they will die. If you are using tap water please note that letting it stand will not always neutralize the chlorine that is added in. Some cities now add Chloramine, which is stable to aging, so it must be filtered with a carbon filter or neutralized with a powder or pellet (available at any pet store). Be sure to change you filter regularly. If you have questions as to exactly what is added to your water, call your city’s water department.

Just because these frogs are normally found in stagnant water does not mean that they should be housed in dirty water in your lab. A dirty tank is not the same thing as a natural pond since there are organisms in the wild that keep the water clean.


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