Conserve the Frogs Campaign through Email


Zoologists are raising an alarm to the public on the drastic disappearance of the amphibian population because of human activities. There is a massive public awareness on this menace to reduce the further damage that is causing a sharp decline in frog population. They use Email Automation to Promote their campaign about frogs conservation which they got a great discount on infusionsoft at’s infusionsoft comparison with other CRM. Numerous campaigns and donations are in place to help fund the project and safeguard this animal species.  Conservation of frogs is a collective effort and various stakeholders must agree for the success of the programs.  The yellow-colored frog is the most endangered species due to its medicinal value; used by a herbalist in the manufacturer of antibiotics. Some of the programs include

Avoid use of pesticides

Just like other animals, frogs live in the natural habitat. Spraying pesticides and herbicides are toxic to the frog population and they tend to suffocate the frogs once they inhale. In worst cases, when the pesticides come into contact with the frogs’ body they develop allergic reactions which further harm the frog and kill them. Prolonged use will render the frog population an extinct species.

Controlled frog trawling

The killing off frog for delicacies reduces the frog population. Frog conservationists call for controlled frog meat in hotels. This is a common meal in the Asian countries compared to other countries. The control helps to give time for hatching and breeding to maintain the status quo.

Purchase of live frogs from the natural habitat

Some homeowners love keeping live frogs in their hatcheries. When there is controlled the purchase of frog, it improves the population of the frogs. This also allows them to stay in their natural habitat to mate, lay eggs and improve reproduction. At home, there is controlled breeding and reproduction reducing their population in the natural habitat.

Do not keep predators

Snakes, rats, cats and dogs are frogs’ worst enemies. There is a warning to reduce rearing of the predators to maintain the population of the frogs through controlled killing by predators.

Build frog ponds

Just like fish, there is a campaign by “save the frogs” to build and keep frog ponds to help in their reproduction. This is one way to maintain specific frog species and increase the numbers; since at the pond, they are protected from predators and human activities that pose a threat to frog life.

Recycle toxic products

Toxic products like batteries find their way into the natural habitat after disposal. Frog conservatisms are advocating for the safe use of products with toxic substances especially after use. This has been extended to manufacturers to ensure they have a safety measure on disposal of products with toxic substances. One way is through recycling.

Frogs are amphibians that help complete the ecological balance in the ecosystem. Their non-existence will create a big gap in the food chain. It is evident there is a serious need to conserve them. The success of this conservation is a teamwork effort of all humanity in their small and big way. There are many more conservation measures but these are the main ones in the inception of the campaign since they have direct results within a short period.


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