Grilled Frog legs -Exotic Food


moGrilled frog legs are an exotic meal common in international cuisines. It is a meal renowned for the low level of saturated fat and high cholesterol content. If the meal is frozen prior to grilling, you should drain all the water and set the temperature to moderate heat to avoid staining the grilling equipment.

The grilling equipment should be made from cast iron (Serious Smoked reviews:, which does not stick on the bites. You should turn the legs so that they are uniformly cooked. You could add spices for better results. Once the leg turns brown, that is an indicator of a well-cooked meal. Turn off the grilling equipment and serve when hot. Some of the ingredients, which can be added to grilled frog legs, include lemon, salt, basil leaves, mustard seed, butter, garlic, and margarine.


The taste of grilled frog legs depends on the type of spices and individual taste. Aluminum foil is required to cover it while turning it so that the heat is uniformly distributed. The marinade can be poured on the frog legs not only to add to taste but also to prevent it from burning before it is completely cooked. Dry it so that the marinade can completely drain.


It is a common meal among Singaporeans and funny enough they accompany it with porridge. They classify it under white meat just like chicken and fish. Being an amphibian, the meat is naturally salty during grilling you should use a little salt to prevent over-salting.  It is rich in sodium, thiamin, and other essential minerals.


Frog legs are low in calories but very rich in proteins. It is mostly common in the Chinese restaurants, although frog legs from China are considered smaller  compared to Thailand.

Grilling equipment

Frog meat is tender with a soft texture. When the grilling equipment is overheated, the meat will stick to the pan and burn leading to half-cooked food. There are wide range of electric smokers out there to choose from. Vegetable oil and butter come in handy to prevent it from sticking to the pan.


Freeze them for at least two hours before grilling, it helps to marinate and avoid sticking on the pan. You should arrange them in layers on the baking pans so that the heat is evenly distributed to all parts of the meat.

Generally, frog meal is a common meal in the Asian market. Some continents find it a weird meal due to culture and tradition. However, APAC regions consider its seafood with numerous nutritional benefits including vitamins and minerals, which help to build immunity of the consumers. There are much grilling equipments available in the market. You need to make a choice based on the size, budget and the purpose of the grill. Restaurants may opt for a larger grill to accommodate more meat compared to homeowners. The market has different types of grilling equipment depending on the source of energy. You could choose between, gas, charcoal, and electric grill. You can also enjoy the frog legs when they are a friend and roasted.

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